How to set up Microsoft Outlook Email on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Devices

With the latest release of Outlook.com by Microsoft, the very dynamics of email have changed. No more relying on online email servers (and the problems which come with it) all for free! Microsoft has gone all the way to make sure that Outlook is user-friendly and easily accessible from any platform be it the web, or the mobile phone. Yes, that’s right. And despite the great functionality of the Apple phone, record phone call iphone applications, photo processing, information access, etc., one of the basic functions is also present in Apple. You do not have to be on a computer to access Outlook. You can do so from any of your iOS devices your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
Generally, all iOS devices come with their default mail clients. Users also get the option of using supported apps to manage their e-mails. You can set up Outlook.com email on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and use it as the default mail client for your device.
Here is how you can set up Outlook email on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:
From the Home Screen, go to ‘Settings’. Scroll down and select ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’. Choose ‘Add Account. You will see a list of various e-mail clients. Select ‘Microsoft Hotmail’. Select the ‘Add Mail Account option. Now, type in your email address and your password. This has to be your Outlook e-mail address (it ends in @outlook.com). If you have other e-mail accounts on your phone, then you might want to give this account a separate title so as to not mix it up with the other accounts. You can do so under ‘Description’. You will have to verify your Outlook.com account now. It is a very brief process and should be over very soon. Once the verification is complete, you will have to choose which apps you want to sync with the Outlook.com account. Then, click on ‘Save’.
Once you are done, open ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ from the ‘Settings’ tab (on your iOS device's home screen). You will see a list of all your e-mail accounts. If you have followed the aforementioned steps, you will now see your Outlook.com account listed in the catalog.
Now, go back to your Home screen. Tap on the ‘Mail’ option under ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ and from the available list of accounts, choose ‘Outlook.com’. If you don’t see all your messages, don’t worry. All you will need to do is adjust the option for ‘Mail Days to Sync’. This is basically the setting for when your Outlook.com accounts on your computer and your iOS device will be synced. By default, the setting is 3 days. Here is how you can change it:
From your Home Screen open settings. Select ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ and choose Outlook.com. Change the option for ‘Mail Days to Sync’ to whichever option you want. The available options are: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 months or No Limit. Thus, Microsoft has accomplished a commendable job with its Outlook.com email. Signing up for a new account is very easy, and is completely free. Even if you are not a tech freak, setting up Outlook.com email on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will be a breeze for you.
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